Napoleon External Grill Cleaner

Specifically formulated to effectively clean the exterior of your grill, this external cart Grill Cleaner guarantees a shiny and well-maintained barbecue. With its all-natural ingredients, biodegradable composition, and food-surface safe formula, you can confidently restore the shine and cleanliness of your grill while prioritizing the environment. This Grill Cleaner is designed to effortlessly remove grease, dirt, and other residues that accumulate on the outside of your grill, ensuring it looks as good as new. The all-natural ingredients provide a powerful cleaning action while being gentle on the surface, preserving the integrity of your barbecue. To use, simply spray the solution onto the exterior surface of your barbecue. Allow it to penetrate for a moment, then wipe the surface with a damp, soft, absorbent cloth. Stubborn stains or grime may require additional applications.