Saputo Stone Maestro 60

If you are in pursuit of the perfect Neapolitan style pizza using your Fontana oven, the Saputo stones are a must-have accessory.

Saputo stones are handmade by Italian artisans in Naples Italy, the birth place of the Neapolitan pizza. The majority of pizzerias in Naples use these same stones inside their pizza ovens. Saputo stones ('Biscotto') are the only stones available that have the unique quality of being able to cook a pizza at 850°F for 60-90 seconds, without burning the bottom of the pizza. These stones are able to do this because of the unique mineral content of the alluvial clay that is used to construct the stone. Each stone is fired in a wood-fired kiln to exact specifications. All of this imparts the stone with exceptional heat retention and moisture absorption. No other material performs like Saputo biscotto from Naples.