Elite Griddle Grease-Trap Gates

These grease-trap gates are the perfect sidekick to your full-size HALO griddle. Each gate closes off the rear of the griddle plate to keep food from falling into the grease trap. One features a scalloped pattern at the bottom to allow free flow of grease, while the other features a solid edge to keep as little grease from exiting as possible. Each gate still allows for use of our utensil clean-off squeegee.

  • 2-pack (1) ridged edge (1) solid edge
  • Compatible with HALO Elite2B, 3B, and 4B Griddles
  • Stops food from accidentally falling into the grease trap – No more lost hotdogs!
  • Easy to slide in and out of position
  • One gate allows grease to pass through while the other stops most grease from exiting griddle plate