Jealous Devil

Boom! Fire Starters

Don’t bomb, use Boom! Jealous Devil BOOM! Firestarters are organic and eco-friendly made entirely from coconut fiber. Non-toxic and safe for cooking. Jealous Devil Boom! Firestarters shape and formula ensure maximum performance. 
Boom! is waterproof, burns for over 20 minutes with max temps above 1000 degrees and emits a 12’’ high flame making it one of the most powerful firestarters on the market.

All boom, no bust. Clean and odorless burn. Safe for both indoor and outdoor use.  No black or acrid smoke or strong odors typical of most other firestarters on the market. A single BOOM is equivalent to 4-6 traditional starters.  Never use multiple firestarters again.  No matter if it’s lump charcoal, wet firewood, or Jealous Devil’s Onyx Binchotan, a single BOOM is all you need to get rolling.

Shaped like a bomb because that’s awesome.
Every BBQ is bomb with BOOM!

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